WindMaker COOLER unit – connection of mechanical ventilation with ground source heat pump collector system to ensure cooling of inlet air and ground heat source regeneration.

WindMaker COOLER is a breakthrough in the renewable energy source industry connecting a heat recovery ventilation system with ground source heat pump nstallation. The COOLER module ensures cooling of the ventilation system with simultaneous energy regeneration of the ground. The module is installed on the recuperator ventilation duct for the air supplied to buildings. It is connected to the ground source circulation by return pipe. Cooled air may be obtained from the ground in a twofold manner: directly from a ground-glycol heat exchanger (GGWC) via the COOLER module pump system and indirectly via a heat pump where the heat exchanger (GGWC) is treated as the ground heat source.

The COOLER module is controlled by automation systems of these recuperators.

In line with the whole WindMaker product line, COOLER modules feature exclusive design and a complete hydraulic system with an in-built circulation pump plus an angular flowmeter and thermometer to control the flow and temperature of heat transfer fluid. Unit is equipped with a bypass motorized damper, as well as an in-built EC fan to increase flow efficiency for cooling applications.
In case cooling is necessary in the summer, air cools down while passing through the COOLER module heat exchanger and the heat transfer fluid in the ground source system (water solution of glycol) warms up generating the ground heat. Improving the ground heat parameters is of key importance for the lower source life and effectiveness, which ensures direct positive impact on the energy output of the whole system.

WindMaker Cooler5007001000
Putere totală (kW)7.989.1510
Debit nominal de aer (m3/h)95011501200
Debit nominal de agent (dm3/m)24.1729.3340
Racordare introducere aerd160d200d250
Racordare evacuare aerd200d250d315
Racordare evacuare condens1/2''1/2''1/2''
Lungime (mm)100010001000
Lățime (mm)645730790
Înălțime (mm)700805900
Masa (kg)99121127
Sursă de alimentare230 V/ 1~/50 Hz/ (A)