The Atlas ground source heat pump is constructed using the very latest
technology and equipped with all the latest features. With no compromises
and perfection in every detail, Atlas is the most efficient and complete heat
pump on the market today.
Unmatched performance
Atlas is an inverter-driven ground source heat pump that continuously adapts
its output to provide the optimum effect at the lowest possible power
consumption. So far, its performance remains unmatched – Atlas is the first
geothermal heat pump with a SCOP value > 6.0 (SCOP 6.15 *).
Thanks to this outstanding seasonal performance heat factor, Atlas provides
maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption throughout the year.
Extra hot water at low cost
Atlas produces domestic hot water at a speed and temperature in a class
of its own. The secret lies in our HGW** technology, which uses the normal
room heating function to produce hot water. The result is that when the heat
pump heats your home, it generates hot water at the same time.
The built-in HGW and TWS*** technology make Atlas the fastest and most
cost-efficient producer of hot water in its segment. When fully deployed,
the HGW function can give you as much as 545 liters of hot water! ****
Quiet, good looking and safe
During the development of Atlas, a great deal of emphasis was placed
on acoustic performance. The goal was to create the quietest heat pump
on the market. As well as its incredibly quiet operation, Atlas features
a modern design with an elegant glass panel, along with smart and intuitive
control via color touchscreen. Our Thermia Online solution is included
as part of the package and enables you to both control and monitor
your Atlas heat pump via smartphone, tablet or computer.