Thermia Atria Optimum

The silent heat pump that can also handle tougher conditions

Atria Optimum is an air water heat pump with speed control. This means that its performance can be continuously adjusted to the prevailing requirements and conditions. Optimum control creates ideal conditions for a heat pump. It means maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption – second by second, hour by hour. The heat pump consists of two units – one indoors and one outdoors. Energy is taken from outdoor air, even down to temperatures as low as minus 20°C. Electric heating elements in five stages provide additional heat at very low temperatures to ensure extra, economically sound heating.

Defrosting is done automatically as necessary, which further boosts efficiency.

Atria Optimum has been developed to be extremely quiet. The low
noise level is mainly due to the outdoor unit’s unique acoustic design.
The high annual efficiency* allows you to reduce your energy consumption
by up to 80%. What’s more, the built-in TWS technology**
means that the hot water is produced faster and at higher temperatures
than with traditional technique.

The hot water tank is fitted with our TWS technology, which means that the hot water is produced faster and at higher temperatures than with traditional technology. As the hot water is diluted to tap water temperature, the volume of usable hot water is considerably higher due to the high temperature.

Using the Thermia Online optional feature, you can control your heat pump via the Internet. In the unlikely event that something needs rectifying, you will be alerted automatically via SMS text message or e-mail.

* Annual efficiency is a measure that describes how efficiently your heat pump works over a whole year, including
both warm and cold periods as well as hot water production.
** TWS = Patented heating technology for hot water production, developed by Thermia

Atria Optimum681012
Putere termică, kW6.187.819.3910.97
Încălzitor auxiliar, kW3/6/9/12/153/6/9/12/153/6/9/12/153/6/9/12/15
Sursă de alimentare400 V 3-N400 V 3-N400 V 3-N400 V 3-N
Volum boilerului, l180180180180
Masă, kg225229229229

*Regimul A7/W35 în conformitate cu EN 14511 (inclusiv pompele de circulație).