About Us

Echipa Cvadro

Cvadro Therm offers the possibility of using energy efficient equipment and technologies to meet your dreams.
The company focuses its efforts in developing and promoting technologies based on energy efficiency, contributing to reduced consumer spending compared to traditional heating systems.
Our customers can be assured that we will provide solutions and equipment to help them achieve more savings and greater efficiency whether at home, work, or anywhere in the world they belong.
Our success is based on customer trust, the quality and efficiency of all products and services provided. To this end we invest constantly in the latest technologies to keep up with the latest trends in systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We add knowledge and experience gained by our engineers in over 14 years. They add value to the company and participate in its success essentially being responsible for our mission together. Our qualified staff with advanced professional skills is always available to the consumer.
We have the technologies needed to ensure proper carrying out projects of any complexity: buildings and residential houses, commercial and industrial objects.
We are here to provide the support and expertise of advantageous solutions in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We recognize that equipment performance, quality of work and motivation are key factors in achieving success.