The expansion card is an accessory, which, when connected to the heat pump, provides the following extra functions.


Cooling (Passive/Active)


Swimming pool

Power limiter

  • Cooling

The heat pump can be used to produce cooling in summer. Either by passive cooling (cold retrieved from the borehole) or a combination of passive and active cooling (cooling produced by the heat pump compressor). Heat pump can produce cooling only in “heat stop mode“.

  • Shunt

Used when the heating system needs to settle into a second temperature level, eg when you combine radiators with wet floor heating or when a shunt group is controlled by a separate heating curve (curve 2).

  • Swimming pool

Used to control the temperature in a swimming pool. Temperature controlled by a separate sensor regardless of the heating system and hot water.

  • Power limiter

Allows reducing the auxiliary heater to a power corresponding to the maximum available start current. (To use the function power monitor as needed refer to 3 the piece toroidal transformers.)