Cascading option

A Twin kit unit means that an existing heat pump (Master), consisting of an external unit and an internal unit, can have an external unit (Slave) added. The installation includes the pipes and electrical installation, plus necessary settings in the control system.

When a Twin kit is used in a heating system, two outdoor units (Master and Slave) are communicating with each other and sharing the same control unit (installed indoors). The software in the control unit is prepared for master/slave operation and is automatically activated during the commissioning and start up procedure.

Accessories for the Twin kit installation are supplied in an enclosed cardboard box:

  • Expansion card Cable harness, expansion card
  • Block, expansion card
  • RJ-45 communication cable, 1,000 mm
  • Circuit board support (4 pieces)
  • Supply line sensor 110
  • Return line sensor 111
  • System supply line sensor
  • Installation instructions for expansion card and terminal block
  • Installation instructions for Twin kit
  • Rivets