The WindMaker OCTAGON GGWC heating-cooling module combines mechanical ventilation with a ground-glycol heat exchanger (GGWC) to ensure air pre-cooling or pre-heating.
The module makes it possible to connect ground-glycol heat exchanger GGWC with a ventilation system. Depending on a season, the OCTAGON GGWC module, installed on a ventilation duct connecting air intakes with a recuperator, pre-cools (summer) or heats (winter) fresh air which is later distributed to rooms (through a heat-exchanger of a double bypass system in WindMaker recuperators).

The OCTAGON module is controlled by automation systems of these recuperators.

OCTAGON GGWC is a thermally insulated module of exclusive appearance including an in-built heat exchanger, automatic bypass damper (230 V actuator), complete hydraulic system with a circulation pump, outlet stub pipe plus angular rotameter and thermometer to control the flow and temperature of heat transfer fluids as well as ready-made electrical connection to the ventilation unit.
WindMaker OCTAGON GGWC uses a very stable heat energy source, i.e. the ground, to improve air temperature parameters. The temperature at the depth of the ground-glycol heat exchanger foundation is relatively stable during a year, which guarantees energy saving benefits. Additionally, in winter, ground collector minimises the possibility of heat exchanger frosting or freezing the recuperator.

Caracteristici tehniceOCTAGON 500OCTAGON 700OCTAGON 1000
IncalzirePutere totala (kW)2.393.595.5
Temp. de intrare a aerului (°C)-20-20-20
Temp. de iesire a aerului (°C)-4.43-4.43-5.69
RacirePutere totala (kW)
Temp. de intrare a aerului (°C)323232
Temp. de iesire a aerului (°C)17.4519.5419.49
AltePuterea pompei de circulatie (kW)0.0920.0920.092
Puterea servomotorului (kW)0.00150.00150.0015
Debit aer (m 3 /h)4006001000
Dimensiuni racordare agent1"1"1"
Dimensiuni racordare aerd160d200d250
Dimen. racord. scurgere condens1/2"1/2"1/2"
Dimensiuni, L/Lat./Î(mm)600/580/670600/650/760600/710/825
Masa (kg)587374
Sursa de alimentare
230 V/ 1~/50 Hz/ 0,3 A